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    Multi information display
    Important driving information at a glance

    The onboard computer, or multi-information system, can show the driver a lot of information, such as the time, date, audio settings, outside temperature and data from the altimeter and barometer. You can also find very useful driving information like average speed, fuel consumption and the remaining travel distance with the current fuel level. In case your car features a Mitsubishi Multi Communication System (MMCS) all this information is shown on the 7" display in the middle of the dashboard.

    Driving with children
    9 safety tips

    1. Never, ever leave your child alone in a car - not for any reason.
    2. Safety seats. Do not drive children in a car without child safety seats.
    3. Seats stay put. Child safety seats should stay put - do not switch them from car to car each day. It is better to purchase an extra set of safety seats.
    4. Install seats properly. If you must take the safety seats in and out of your car, make sure you are satisfied that they are installed properly each time.
    5. Which seat for which child? The different EU countries have different laws when it comes to child safety seats. If you want to know the regulations of a specific country, you can visit this website of the Automobile Association. Just select a country and then click on 'view advice'.
    6. In the front seat? Children under 12 and under 1.5 m in height must use an appropriate child restraint, e.g. a child seat or booster seat while in the front or rear of a car. Do not use rearward facing seats in front seats equipped with air-bags. All new Mitsubishi models feature the possibility to switch off the passenger airbag, in that case it's okay to use a rearward facing child seat.
    7. Too hot too handle? If you are driving in hot, sunny weather, provide your car with window shades - especially for infants and toddlers.
    8. No phone, no food. Do not add further distractions such as your mobile phone or snacks when your children are in the car. Road signs, traffic lights and other drivers are more than enough to deal with.
    9. Close to home. It is still true that most accidents happen close to home. Stay alert when you're in your area and remember the drive is not over until you are safely parked.

    Your personalized assistant
    Mitsubishi Motors' customizable Electronic Total Automobile Control System (ETACS) allows you to personalize the operation of a wide range of features for added safety, comfort and convenience. Certain ETACS comfort functions can be customized either by yourself or by your Mitsubishi dealer. The ETACS specifications can vary depending on Mitsubishi model. Always check your Owner's Manual for further information.

    Auto-light and rain sensor
    The auto-light sensor automatically activates the headlamps as soon as it gets dark. The rain sensor activates the windshield wipers automatically when moisture is detected on the windshield.

    Keyless entry system
    Makes it possible to lock and unlock the doors and the trunk, and to close the windows with remote key.

    Keyless Operation System
    The clever keyless entry and start system allows you to open the front doors and trunk, and start the engine, without the key leaving your pocket.

    Indicator with comfort mode
    When the indicator lever is tapped briefly, the indicator will flash three times and then stop - allowing you to concentrate on manoeuvring and therefore making driving easier and safer.

    Open door alarm
    If any door is still open while the car is moving, a buzzer will alert you.

    Headlamp auto-off function
    After you have turned off the ignition and got out of the car, the headlamps are automatically switched off, preventing the battery from being drained.

    Power window timer
    After taking the key from the ignition, the windows may still be opened and closed from inside for up to 30 seconds.

    Speed sensitive wipers
    When the front wiper is set to intermittent, a speed sensor changes the wiper interval to suit the car's speed for better visibility.

    Fold and hide
    Fun and flexible
    A flexible interior is a must-have these days. The Fold 2 Hide system - a true Mitsubishi innovation - is the ultimate example of this. Considerable thought has gone into creating this versatile and unique system, which is available on the Pajero, Outlander and Grandis. It allows you to stow the two seats from the third row under the floor when they are not required. The result is a flat luggage compartment. The seats can be repositioned again in no time, making the vehicle a true 5+2-seater.

    In the Outlander and the Lancer Sportback, the second row of seats is also quick and easy to stow away. Simply pull a handle on the side of the luggage compartment and hold it for a few seconds: the backrests fold flat and the seat slides forwards slightly. The entire seat then folds forwards.

    Innovation and style

    When you are driving your Mitsubishi, you are surrounded by a high-tech dashboard that leaves nothing to be desired. It is packed full of innovative and convenient systems that keep you comfortable and safe. Here are some examples.

    1. Design details
    The dashboards of all Mitsubishi models showcase lots of carefully considered design details. Take, for instance, the Pajero dashboard: its gear shift incorporates the silver and leather design, while the sporty combi-meters remain lit up at all times to improve visibility. During the night, the cabin also takes on a calming ambient light and the soft leather steering wheel houses the very latest in audio and cruise controls.
    2. Rockford audio system 
    At the heart of the Pajero's entertainment console lies a premium audio system. The Rockford Acoustic Design was custom-built for the Pajero by Rockford Corporation. Surrounded by 12 optimally positioned speakers (max. 860W), you get the most spectacular in-car theatrical acoustic atmosphere possible. A powerful rear subwoofer gives out deep, punchy bass, while 11 other premium speakers deliver rich stereo surround sound. The exciting Rockford Fosgate audio system with 9 speakers and 710W has been designed for the Outlander and all models of the new Lancer family. What a sound, what a view!
    3. Entertainment and technology
    The Pajero, Outlander and Lancer can be fitted with the phenomenal Mitsubishi Multi Communication System (MMCS) with a 40 GB hard disk divided into a HDD navigation part and music server. The 7" LCD touch screen offers excellent clarity and touch-screen convenience, while the controls of the unit are readily accessible for optimum ease of use. The system's large capacity hard drive offers ultra-fast search and route-finding capabilities. It also provides a wide range of entertainment sources: FM/AM radio, DVD drive (CD/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD video compatible) and a music server with a capacity to store up to 2,000 tracks. The latter also boasts a CD database music-recognition service that supports MP3/WMA players, which can be directly connected to the system via an auxiliary input port in the front of the centre console. The steering wheel features remote controls for the audio system and Bluetooth hands-free telephone operation. The Pajero and Outlander can also be fitted with a rear-view camera. The crystal clear images of the camera are displayed on the 7" touch screen of the MMCS, and make tight-space parking effortless.
    4. Beauty on display
    The centre display of the MMCS in the Pajero shows the time, date, audio information, outside temperature, altimeter and barometer, plus of course the average speed, fuel consumption and the remaining travel distance. And a sophisticated 4WD system display sits in the centre of the sport combi-meters.
    5. Hands-free
    Most Mitsubishi models come with a Bluetooth hands-free system, which allows mobile phones equipped with Bluetooth to connect directly to the car's audio system. Your phone can be operated via the steering wheel, so you can keep the car safely in the middle of the road. To check if your mobile phone is compatible with the hands-free system, click on this link or ask your dealer.

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