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    The Diamond Exchange remanufactured parts program offers exchange units engineered to the same high standards as new Mitsubishi service parts, but at a reduced cost price.

    This program aims to lower your cost of ownership, while also extending the vehicle lifecycle and availability of service parts. This is good for your wallet and also good for the environment, because the exchange program contains a recycling element. And to make sure your peace of mind is preserved, all exchange units carry the same two years unlimited mileage parts warranty as applied to new service parts.

    The exchange program is still growing, which means that even more products will become available in time. Currently, our extensive line-up consists of the following products:

    Short engines

    Short engines for both gasoline and diesel engines are available. Where applicable, they are supplied complete with balance shafts.

    Cylinder heads

    Cylinder heads are supplied as a complete assembly with camshafts and valves. When cylinder heads are supplied with this high finish level proper seating of the valves and optimal sealing of all cylinders is ensured. This reduces the replacement time to that of a cylinder head gasket replacement.

    Automatic transmissions with torque converters

    Exchange automatic transmissions are supplied with a torque converter and a cleaner to wash out the oil cooler residues. This avoids premature failure of the replacement unit.

    Manual transmissions

    Re-manufactured to our high standards, these units deliver the performance of an as-new part.

    Torque converters

    Exchange torque converters are available as stand-alone items.

    Turbo chargers

    Re-manufactured to our very high standards to ensure quality and reliability, turbo chargers are supplied complete with all the necessary installation parts.


    Our exchange radiators are suitable for vehicles equipped with either manual or automatic transmissions.


    Exchange driveshafts are re-conditioned to meet our highest standards of strength and durability.

    Diesel fuel pumps

    Our high quality remanufactured diesel fuel pumps are available for vehicles that have electronically controlled injection systems. They are supplied complete with all electrical components, which ensure that the injection pump is ready for installation with a minimum of labour.

    Starter motors and alternators

    These exchange units are supplied with the same level of quality as that of a factory original part. As a result, they deliver the same performance and reliability that you would expect of a new unit.


    These are remanufactured to be as tough and durable as the original equipment.

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